Fired clay is in our DNA. And from the day we were founded, architects have challenged us to extend and adapt this timeless material for use in their most innovative projects. Acme TC Cladding is the latest chapter of a collaboration between architect and brickmaker now in its third century.

Like brick, terracotta has roots in antiquity and has evolved into a highly engineered product. We use modern extrusion techniques to manufacture large-format panels that can be installed at any height – by themselves or with other cladding materials. Over the last decade panels have been installed on 76.4 million square feet of exterior wall in 32 countries. This beautiful innovation also draws on the expertise of IBP, an Acme subsidiary, which developed the Fast Track masonry support system.

TC Cladding comes in 28 vibrant, earth-derived colors and 5 distinct product lines: tile, rainscreen, rainscreen light, sealed, and sunshade.
Simply pick your panel and size from the Products menu, then take a look at color and surfaces under the Options menu. Finally, contact us to place your order.

As with all products offered by Acme Brick, the commitment behind Acme TC Cladding is more than 125 years old. Our desire and dedication is to help today’s architects execute their most exciting designs in natural clay materials that withstand the test of time.

Download the full catalog here.

Visit the Technical page to download specifications.

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