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For more than 40 years, Agrob Buchtal has been manufacturing ceramic facades in Germany. Today these solutions are offered in three product lines:

  1. KeraTwin®: hollow, rear-ventilated ceramic panels with extruded ‘holding grooves’ (no clips!) that make for fast installation with the engineered attachment system.
  2. KeraAion®: large-format, lightweight ceramic panels that are well suited to larger buildings – available in not only rectangular panels but also square units up to 48” x 48”.
  3. KeraShape®: extruded rectangular tubes in different cross sections – for use as a design accent, as shading, or as screening for mechanical equipment or parking garages.

All three lines can incorporate Hytect photoceramic coating. Titanium dioxide, permanently baked onto the ceramic surface, releases active oxygen through photocatalysis and is highly hydrophilic. These two properties keep buildings looking clean, significantly reduce maintenance costs of the life of the project:

  • Oxygen inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as fungi, algae, moss, and germs.
  • Raindrops don’t bead up on the surface but rather spread to form a thin protective film that penetrates dirt and resists grease.

For more information email us at agrobbuchtal@brick.com.

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