• Isokern-Earthcore fireplace systems
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  • Isokern-Earthcore fireplace systems
  • Isokern-Earthcore fireplace systems
  • Isokern-Earthcore fireplace systems
  • Isokern-Earthcore fireplace systems

Isokern, by Earthcore, is the market leader and innovator in the modular masonry fireplace industry. Made from volcanic pumice, Isokern Fireplaces feature a unique modular component system with interlocking design that makes their fireplaces and chimneys lightweight and easy to assemble. The environmentally friendly volcanic pumice also offers the highest insulation value and exhibits reflective qualities, improving the burn efficiency of every system assembled. Isokern fireplaces and chimney systems are ideal for indoor, outdoor, multi-family and commercial use.

Standard Series

The Standard Series

As the first Isokern modular fireplace introduced in the United States, the construction of the Standard Series allows you to unleash your creative desires with a fireplace as unique as you are. Whether you choose wood burning or gas, the Standard Series sets the standard. Models available in 36, 42, & 46. 

Magnum Series

The Magnum Series

Fan the flames of innovation and take your fireplace to new heights with the Magnum Series. Utilizing Isokern’s proprietary straight-back interior design coupled with an innovative contoured shelf, the modular Magnum Series provides unequaled efficiency, performance and custom fireplace design flexibility. Models available in 36, 42, 48, 60 & 72.

Magnum+ Series

The Magnum+ Series

When you’re designing a space that’s larger than life, you need a fireplace to match it! NEW from Isokern is the ground-breaking Magnum+ Fireplace. Boasting widths up to 10 feet and finished opening heights of 44”, this stately fireplace is the largest UL listed wood burning fireplace on the market. 

Maximum Series

The Maximus Series

The Isokern MAXIMUS Series is the first ever masonry direct vent fireplace. Offering an expansive ceramic glass opening with Invisi-Barrier and Triple Stadium Burner for exceptional appearance and flame presentation. Models available in 46 & 48. 
NEW: Check out the new brochure on the Maximus Linear Fireplaces below, offering openings up to 10 feet!

Bvetto Series

The Bvetto Series

As the first and only field assembled gas appliance fireplace, the Isokern Bvetto Series offers the largest available opening heights in the industry of 52”. With our proprietary quick-fire ignition system, the Isokern Bvetto comes complete with our exclusive Isoflames Stadium Burner and Remote Electronic Ignition. Models available in 36 & 46. 

Vent-free Series

The Vent-Free Series

The Vent-Free series offers a variety of opening heights and is fully customizable to fit in with any design plan. With its large finished openings and see-thru availability, the Vent-Free Series is a perfect heating solution for any multi-family home, new home, remodeling project or outdoor concept. Models available in 36, 42, & 46. 


All Isokern Fireplaces are finished with your choice of firebrick color and pattern. It’s the perfect custom finish that complements any design. Available colors include: Black, Grey, Red, Cream and Soapstone* 
(*Special Order Only)