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The Marion Ceramics BrickTile line offers an appealing and superior alternative to quarry tile, brick pavers, or concrete pavers. We use the finest clays, shale, and raw materials which are fine ground to produce our smooth wirecut texture. The wirecut texture is the perfect balance between ease of clean-up - smooth, yet optimum in slip-resistance even when wet.

BrickTile avoids the danger of slippery quarry tile as well as the rough characteristics of traditional brick pavers. BrickTile are extruded under high vacuum and hard fired to produce our high-quality dense products. The process results in our products having excellent physical characteristics - especially when compared to concrete pavers. Of course, to designers and owners, the aesthetics possible with our classic brick shape and beautiful colors are just as important as the technical excellence of our products.

  • BrickTile products are available in the modular brick shape (3 5/8" x 7 5/8") in either 9/16" or 15/16" thicknesses. This allows for BrickTile to be used anywhere ceramic tile is considered as well as installations which will have vehicular traffic where 15/16" materials set on slab provide an attractive and functional design opportunity.

Marion's BrickTile products are available in a broad spectrum of fourteen beautiful colors - all of which are compatible for color coordinating and/or contrasting design statements. The palette of colors includes eight clear tones and one ironspot which make up our BrickTile Classics colors. The balance of five colors makes up our BrickTile Rustics colors, which are all naturally flashed using reduction firing techniques perfected over many years. You never have to worry that your job will have the artificial look you get with chemical flashes used for quarry tile. Also, you can rest assured the hard-fired colors of our BrickTile are colorfast and will not fade with exposure to sunlight and weather like pigmented concrete pavers.

Perhaps more importantly, you can bank on Marion Ceramics to take the extra care required to properly formulate each body and to double mix during grinding in order to maintain color consistency. Finally, designers will be pleased to know Marion Ceramics offers factory blending of Tumbled BrickTile, which means any color blend imaginable is available for your special jobs.

Pool Coping

At Marion Ceramics, we continue to expand and enhance our coping product line. The coping products are hard fired clay which remain colorfast forever and are not subject to fading from exposure to sunlight or bleeding from contact with pool chemicals or cleaning solutions. All of our copings are made with the finest clays, shale and raw materials, extruded under high vacuum and fired at near 2000 degrees F to produce our high-quality, dense products. This coping has a smooth die-skin finish with a slight texture to improve slip-resistance. We make every effort to provide the finest coping products in the market and provide a wonderful selection of beautiful color choices.

Marion's coping products are offered in eight appealing colors. Extra care is given to double mix our raw materials to ensure color consistency. The coping color palette includes four traditional brick colors:

  • 200 Plantation Red (classic clear red);
  • 610 Sunlit Earth (a terra-cotta)
  • 600 Chino (buff color); and
  • 250 Havana Red (a deep brownish-red burgundy).

Marion also offers:

  • 360 Autumn Leaves (a classic flashed red);
  • 760 Academy Gray (light gray);
  • 510 Cobblestone (darker gray); and
  • 710 Seashell (a distinctive white).

Both of the greys and the white work wonderfully for creating a modern architectural/designer appearance.

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