TC Sunshade

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Each TC Sunshade baguette production run is tailored to the specific color, shape and texture characteristics unique to your project. We offer four standard profiles: fin, 2"x 6" rectangle, 2"x 4" rectangle, and square. TC Sunshade baguettes come in a standard length of 5 feet with shorter lengths formed or cut to length according to project needs. These units can be installed in a horizontal or vertical orientation. Units can have various attachment methods based on design, orientation, and location. Baguettes are used in various applications, including as awnings over windows, parking garage screens, or mechanical equipment screens. Custom colors, glazing and engobe glazing are available upon request.

Standard Shapes:

  • 2” x 7” Fin, about 5.8 pounds per linear foot in weight
  • 2”x 6” Rectangle, about 5.33 pounds per linear foot in weight
  • 2” x 4” Rectangle, about 4.5 pounds per linear foot in weight
  • 2” x 2” Square, about 2.25 pounds per linear foot in weight
  • Standard Maximum Length: 5 feet